Novation of Advent syndicate to RiverStone

RiverStone is pleased to announce that with effect from 1 January 2019 all years of account of Lloyd’s Syndicate 780, which were under the management of Advent Underwriting Limited, have been novated to the management of RiverStone Managing Agency Limited.

RiverStone is also delighted to welcome 51 London-based colleagues who will transfer from Advent to RiverStone, bringing a wealth of experience and skills across all aspects of the business.  The extended team will continue to work out of our London office at number 2 Minster Court. 

This novation results from a strategic review by Advent of its business model in July 2018, with the consequent changes being implemented by Advent and RiverStone over the course of the 4th Quarter 2018.

For further information please contact:

Luke Tanzer 
Managing Director 
RiverStone Managing Agency Limited